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The quickest, easiest and best car care products you will ever use, are now stocked in Australia.

Say goodbye to elbow grease and hello to shine. Using only the finest ingredients available ensures they do the work, not you. You'll see...

All Lithium Products are made - One Beautiful Batch at a time.

We have never been much about volume or outputs. Our passion is about results and making products that will transform cars from average to incredible.

Lithium Auto Elixirs Australia - The Best Car Care Products

Craft Waxes | Leather Preservation | Ceramics
Lithium Auto Elixirs have been formulating and manufacturing boutique, interior & exterior car care products and detailing supplies for 20 years in the USA. These insane elixirs are now available right here in Australia. Car detailing supplies Australia and car care products for professional detailers, weekend warriors, car enthusiasts or people who simply want the best.
Ultra Premium Elixirs for people who want the satisfaction of taking their car, ute, truck or motorbike to the next level.