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Lithium's best car detailing products Australia

At Lithium we never look at the cost of an ingredient or scrutinise if something can be made cheaper. Our focus has always been on quality results and keeping surfaces healthy.
Lithium Auto Australia is your ultimate destination for our best car detailing products. We proudly offer a comprehensive range of premium car detailing products, meticulously crafted from the finest ingredients available (yes we’re fussy). Our products have been designed specifically to make your vehicle's surfaces healthy, while delivering professional-grade results. Whether you're an automotive enthusiast or a professional detailer, our wholesale car detailing products will exceed your expectations.
Experience the excellence of Lithium's best car detailing products Australia. Lithium’s car detailing products for enthusiasts and wholesale car detailing products for professionals.

What Lithium customers are saying

Lithium Auto Australia - Ultra Premium Car Care Products - Trim, Ceramic, Rubber - Where to use on exterior

America’s best kept secret is now in Australia, Lithium Auto Elixirs
[ ultra premium car care products for people who simply want the best ]

Why Lithium?

Our primary goal is to produce formulas, which focus on making your car's paint and other surfaces healthy, replacing what mother nature has taken away, then making them look better than new.

Ceramic Spray Coating

Ceramic Slam spray coating lets you take things to the next level in protection and shine. Our goal was to make it FAST, EASY, AND MISTAKE PROOF - Spray it on, Buff it off and let it cure, it's that easy.

Lithium Inner Space - Best Car Interior Protectant Australia

Car Interior Protectant

Inner Space interior detailer conditions and protects the interior of your car, while making it look and smell factory fresh without the shiny finish that cheaper products use.

Lithium Hyper Cleanse - Leather Cleaner, Carpet Cleaner, Interior Cleaner

Leather Cleaner

There's clean, then there's Lithium levels of clean... Hyper Cleanse all-purpose cleaner cleans just about anything without using ingredients that will harm the environment or dry out what it cleans.

Lithium Trim Cubes - Car Plastic Trim restorer and protectant  that lasts 250 washes

Car Plastic Restorer

A plastic restorer that lasts 250 washes! Trim Cubes will bring back the rich deep colour of faded trim plastics while leaving a protective shield of our Graphene trim coating that will last for years (yes we said years;)

Best Tyre Dressing Australia - Lithium Wheely Great

Tyre Shine

A formula years in the making (yes we’re fussy) to produce a tyre cleaner, conditioner and dressing that makes tyres look new - NOT SHINY. Our anti-sling formula is non greasy so it is dry to the touch and doesn’t leave nasty deposits along the side of your pride and joy.

Wholesale Car Detailing Products Australia

Wholesale Car Detailing Products Australia

Experience the difference that our professional quality wholesale car detailing products can make in elevating your car care business.

Product Guide

Need help deciding which product to use? Or are you just feeling a little overwhelmed with all the gloss? Simply follow the link below to select the best Lithium Car Care Product for your needs.

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Small batch car care products made from the finest ingredients in the world.

We have never been much about volume or outputs. Our passion is about results and making products that will transform cars from average to incredible.

"There you go, there's a whole lot of flat paint, except for the Lithium." - Jason Chicago Auto Pros

Jason from Chicago Auto Pros tested 26 different kinds of products on his car during winter with salt and snow covered roads. Lithium Ceramic Slam spray coating even outperformed a ceramic resin coating!

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The quickest, easiest and best car care products you will ever use, are now stocked in Australia.

Say goodbye to elbow grease and hello to shine. Using only the finest ingredients available ensures they do the work, not you. You'll see...

Available exclusively in Australia by Lithium Auto Australia.

Lithium's Best Car Care Products and Wholesale Car Detailing Supplies Australia

Craft Waxes | Leather Preservation | Ceramics
Lithium Auto Elixirs have been formulating and manufacturing boutique, interior & exterior car care products and detailing supplies for 20 years in the USA. These insane elixirs are now available right here in Australia. Car detailing supplies Australia and car care products for professional detailers, weekend warriors, car enthusiasts or people who simply want the best.

Ultra Premium Elixirs for people who want the satisfaction of taking their car, ute, truck or motorbike to the next level.
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