Trusted by pro detailers, yet so easy you can use at home

See what the professionals are saying about Lithium Auto Elixirs

Pan TheOrganizer: "Guys, absolutely insane, look at the effect, it is absolutely mind boggling" - Ceramic Slam

Brian Apex Detail: "The strength of this product will be its durability, its ability to withstand chemicals and environmental issues. A very good product to recommend" - Ceramic Slam

Papa Smurf918: "I mean effortless guys, effortless. This stuff is freaking awesome. This is an absolute two thumbs up product for me for sure, if I had 4 thumbs, I would give it 4 thumbs" - Seal and Squeal

Michael Warbux: "Unbelievable, super easy to take off, super easy to apply" - Seal and Squeal + Gloss Sauce

Brian Apex Detail: "The beading is actually very impressive, more impressive than some of the coatings out there these days, very resilient and I highly recommend" - Trim Serum

Lithium Auto Care - Ceramic Slam

Lithium Auto Care - Gloss Sauce & Seal and Squeal

Lithium Auto Care - Trim Serum

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