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About Lithium Auto Elixirs

Lithium formulates and manufactures boutique, interior & exterior car care products, created in small batches using only the finest ingredients in the world. Our passion is about results and making products that will transform cars from average to incredible.


A bit about Lithium

Our story and entry into the world of detailing is quite different - and yet so familiar…. You see, we never really intended to sell our products. We simply loved cars; we loved showing them, driving em, collecting em, Hell, we loved just talking about them. However, what we loved most was - taking average cars and making them incredible. When that is your passion - you run into problems, OK, let’s call them ‘issues’ which need to be solved. More often than not, we couldn’t find products that performed to the level of our aspirations. So we came up with our own formulas. We never thought about cost (we were only making enough for the job at hand) All we cared about was getting the absolute ultimate results.

Progress is not linear

As it turned out, we really enjoyed the art of molecule mashing and finding the most promising and creative ingredients to make exceptional products. Truth be known, we utterly failed far more often than not… Too thick, too thin, hard to remove from pain, actually removed paint - you get the idea. However over the course of 20 years, destroying countless kitchen pots and many other things too numerous to mention, we got into a groove. We knew what worked, what was hype, and definitely what didn’t work. We still never looked at cost - as ‘results were our goal’ and over time, they started to come. People at shows began asking what we were using; collectors sought advice, as well as an extra bottle of what we were cooking that week.

That brings us to you

Not much has changed; we continue to freak out the accountants with our pursuit of “what’s possible”. The difference is, we realised “we are not alone”, there were countless thousands of folks just like us (a scary thought) that wanted the satisfaction of knowing they have the power to take their ride to the next level. And that is why we do this every day with a smile knowing we can be part of that satisfaction and do what we love.

There are certainly worse ways to pay the rent.

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Lithium Boutique Car Care Products

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