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Lithium Auto Care Detail and Bail Web Series

Lithium Auto Elixirs Detail and Bail Web Series

Detail and Bail is more than a show about detailing cool cars. It is about how we develop products to make them immaculate. We throw in some unique tips, techniques and a bit of Tomfoolery to boot. However, the best thing is- we involve our viewers in the formula testing process and give away all the products we use during the show.

Here is how it works:

  • Buy "cool interesting cars in need of some serious love" for under 5 grand.
  • Bring the car into the studio - assess what needs to happen to bring it back to life:
  • Test new and proven products on real-world issues. Send those ideas to be tested to our viewers to get their feedback.
  • Flip the car for a large profit (ok, just flip the car:) Start all over again. All on a $500 budget.

Remember you can find all your Detail and Bail products right here at Lithium Auto Australia.

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Watch Now - Lithium Auto Elixirs - Detail and Bail Web Series on youtube


Lithium Auto Care - Detail and Bail Web Series


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