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Lithium Color Crush Australia - Best Car Quick Detail Spray Ceramic Infused
Lithium Color Crush Australia - Best Car Quick Detail Spray Ceramic Infused
Lithium Color Crush Australia - Best Car Quick Detail Spray Ceramic Infused
Lithium Color Crush Australia - Best Car Quick Detail Spray Ceramic Infused
Ceramic Quick Detailer - Lithium Color Crush - BMW 430i
Ceramic Quick Detailer - Lithium Color Crush - BMW 430i
Ceramic Quick Detailer - Lithium Color Crush - BMW 430i
Ceramic Quick Detailer - Lithium Color Crush - BMW 430i
Lithium Color Crush Australia - Best Car Quick Detail Spray Ceramic Infused
Lithium Color Crush - Best Quick Detailer - Porsche Panamera
Lithium Color Crush - Best Quick Detailer - Porsche Panamera
Lithium Color Crush - Best Quick Detailer - Mitsubishi EVO VIII
Lithium Color Crush Australia - Best Car Quick Detail Spray Ceramic Infused
Lithium Color Crush Australia - Best Car Quick Detail Spray Ceramic Infused
Lithium Color Crush Australia - Best Car Quick Detail Spray Ceramic Infused
Lithium Color Crush Australia - Best Car Quick Detail Spray Ceramic Infused
Lithium Color Crush Australia - Best Car Quick Detail Spray Ceramic Infused
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Ceramic Quick Detailer - Lithium Color Crush - BMW 430i
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Color Crush (473ml)
Ceramic Infused Quick Detailer Spray

$35.99 AUD
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Lithium's Best Quick Detailer Spray

  • Used by professional detailers
  • Leaves an amazing shine
  • Super quick and easy to use
  • Lasts months not days
  • Makes your paint feel like silk
  • Insanely hydrophobic (repels water)
  • Full of polymers for increased shine
  • Infused with SiO2 ceramic additives for longevity
  • U.V. inhibitors for added protection
  • Use as a topper to an existing ceramic coating or paint protection


Our Best Quick Detailer Spray - Ceramic infused

Did you know, Color Crush will help keep your car clean for longer between washes?

That's right! Color Crush ceramic quick detailer spray will give new life to any finish and help keep it clean longer. It is so slick that it helps reduce dust, water spots and dirty water residue sticking to your paint. You will find dirt and dust are repelled and your car will remain looking cleaner for longer. Even after driving through rain you will be amazed at how little dirt sticks to your paint.

What are the benefits of a quick detailer?

This combination of ingredients in Color Crush quick detailer spray goes on quickly and buffs off super easy. You can do an entire car in just minutes and achieve a slick, hydrophobic, and deep glossy shine. The water beading produced by Color Crush is amazing and it so versatile that you can use it on paint, chrome and exterior plastics for rain protection, and wheels to help keep brake dust at bay. 

Color Crush is a unique quick detailing technology, which combines a Cross-Linked Pre-cured Polymer with SiO2 into one quick detailing spray. This fusion binds to paint and other surfaces better than anything we have mixed to date and makes existing sealants and ceramic coatings more durable.

Car washes and harsh detergents are like Kryptonite to SiO2, breaking it down quickly. We eliminated this problem by combining the SiO2 with ingredients that are impervious to such assaults and will continue to protect the paint finish for months, even under the harshest circumstances.

Lithium quick detailer spray 3 Month durability test

Just look at that beading!

Would you like to see how easy Color Crush is to use?

Watch the man, Mr Lithium himself demonstrate how easy it is to apply and remove Color Crush.


What do you use quick detailer spray for?

Using a quick detailer will help enhance the appearance of your vehicle. It quickly revitalises the paint, giving it a glossy and polished look that stands out.

Want to keep your Ceramic Coating or paint protection in good order? Then use Lithium Color Crush as the sacrificial layer on-top of your existing coating or paint protection. Color Crush is super hydrophobic and also contains SiO2 and U.V. blockers which will help prolong the life of your existing coating. 

When the suns rays are beating down on your paintwork, you can rest assured Color Crush will be there protecting your paint or coating and deflecting the harmful U.V. rays.

When should I use quick detailer?

After you have washed and dried your car, as a maintenance topper, before a car show, a night on the town, or just for a little mental therapy.

You will find the glass-smooth silk like finish and shine to be quite addicting, making you want to spray it on everything you own: motorcycles, caravans, boats, jet skis, mountain bikes.

Color Crush ceramic quick detailer will give new life to any finish and help keep it clean longer. It is so slick; it will reduce dust, water spots, and dirty water residue. It is also great as an after wash drying agent. Just spray it on the paint while it is still wet and buff dry.

A quick spray on plastic trim helps reduce fading and cracking and leaves the plastic-looking revitalised and hydrated. U.V. inhibitors help stop fading and cracking.


What are the benefits of a quick detailer?

A quick and easy hydrophobic spray that will resist dirt, pollutants, and protect the paint from the elements for weeks while helping your paint shine longer. It works on any surface so you do not need to worry about overspray or getting it on non-painted surfaces. It takes the labor of waxing a vehicle and makes it a super-fast process and allows you to spray detail your whole car in less than ten minutes. The other nice aspect of Color Crush is that you can use it to quickly detail 10 cars or more with one bottle!

Quick Detailer Spray for cars

If being super easy to use with end results, which are truly satisfying to look at and feel while offering incredible protection, are indeed superpowers. Then Color Crush is the king of them all. It takes the learning curve out of using ceramic coatings and makes it as easy as a traditional quick detailing spray but only much better. The SiO2 ceramic ingredient in this quick detail spray makes it like a hydrophobic shield on your paint that a Roman soldier would be proud of.

Ceramic quick detail sprays are going to change the game of quick and instant detailing products. Not because they are just as efficient in time but because of the level of added protection and value are unmatched. Ceramic detailing sprays are versatile and work as a drying agent, clay bar lubricant, waterless cleaning option, windshield protectant, and bring epic gloss all in one easy to use spray bottle.

Expectations of Color Crush Ceramic Detailer Spray

Color Crush is not going to bring bad paint back to life. It is designed to make good paint look exceptional, resist dirt, and make the paint look like it is still wet. It will last a month or two. But who cares you will love using it all the time. Just make sure you use the right amount because, with this quick detailing spray, less is more. But also more is better, that is why you can add a second coat of ceramic spray and give an added layer of awesomeness.

What is the Best Quick Detailer?

We often get asked: "What is the best quick detail spray I can use on my car?". Naturally, we are a bit biased when it comes to this question, as we unequivocally believe, Lithium produces the best detail spray ever formulated with our Color Crush ceramic spray detailer - just ask our Mom's :) However, if we go back to "Unbiased"  it really comes down to the ingredients in the spray detailing product.

Instant Detail Sprays (IDS) were originally pretty simple, containing Surfactants for cleaning and a polymer 'or two' for shine. These basic ingredients were pretty good at adding a quick boost to the shine on your car's paint. Over time though, capitalism started to kick in - razors went from one blade to eight, and quick detailers got mixed with everything from hair tonic to lord knows what else, to try and gain a marketing edge.

Don't get us wrong, quick detail sprays have come a long way and are markedly better than when they were first introduced and offer some great value and protection for the money. We just knew that there had to be a better quick detail spray that could take the benefits of the first quick detailing sprays and level them up. We figured with better ingredients and technology we could improve durability, shine, and hydrophobics that traditional quick detailers could not touch.

The ingredients mean everything to us here at Lithium Auto Elixirs, as we have always taken the approach that "if you make the surface healthy the shine will follow".  With this as our compass, we always formulate our car detailing products with additives and car care ingredients that automotive paint needs to stay in good health over the long run.

Given the fact that quick detail sprays are usually always the topcoat of a good car detailing regimen, the goal for our formula was to stave off harmful pollutants and U.V. Rays first and foremost. However, we found one of the major weaknesses of most quick detailers was their longevity, they were usually gone after only a single car wash or rain shower.

So when we mixed Color Crush quick detailer, we added things to increase its life span like SiO2 (the primary ingredient of ceramics) which is amazingly hard and holds up well to high PH car washes. While SiO2 technology in our spray detailer is a game-changer, you cannot forget to do the paint prep work with a clay bar kit and paint correction. If your car's paint has defects or contamination all over it, no quick detailer will be able to work 100% as it was developed to do. So don't go putting a mink on a pig, polish your vehicle to remove scratches and contamination before just going Rambo with a ceramic spray detailer.

Below is a checklist of what makes a good quick detailer like Color Crush!

It contains polymers for increased shine and deflection of bird droppings, road salt, fallout, and other pollutants and contaminantsIt is packed with U.V. inhibitors for added protection from the Sun's raysSurfactants help with mild cleaning and waterless washing capabilitiesPacked with SiO2 ceramic additives for longevity, hydrophobic enhancements, and a little shine boost that traditional quick detailers cannot duplicate

So this is how we pack every bottle of Color Crush with one or two secret sauces (in this case two) which also refract light for an amazing shine and make the surface as slick as possible. This makes Color Crush one of the best ceramic spray detailers on the market for the hobbyist that wants to pamper his Sunday driver or the detailing professional that wants to give their clients an added level of protection without the cost of a traditional ceramic coating.

Quick Detailer Spray Australia

As you can imagine "When ? Where and How Should I Use a Quick Detail Spray?" are always the follow-up questions that come directly after talking about high-quality detail sprays. The good thing about a ceramic quick detailer is, they are very stackable, meaning one layer will sit on top of the previous layer, each one adding a bit more protection, shine, and slickness to the painted surface. However, the key to stacking these types of products is to make sure you allow sufficient time for each coat to cure before adding an additional one. Otherwise, what you will get is smearing and not stacking. Smearing or streaking is when the first coat has not had time to dry and you start rubbing on a second coat.

Think of car detailing products much in the same way you would approach using spray paint which is several thin coats, with some dry time in between provides a far better result. We use spray detailers all the time around here, just before the judges come by at a car show, before date night (better than cologne:) and often as a bit of therapy as well. However, the time we feel is the most important is right after washing your car. We like to spray down the surface just before drying the car. This creates a layer of lubrication on the paint surface, which reduces micro scratches (most of which occur on paint during this process).

A good detailing spray will also remove any film or residue missed during the wash, also reduce water spotting and make the paint surface shine like the sun. (back the cleaning powers of surfactants) A good detail spray can go on just about any surface as well, windows, plastic, rims, etc. so don't worry about being careful when spraying the car after a good wash.

Our Color Crush quick detailer is also an amazing drying agent as you are drying off a vehicle. It can add a layer of protection as you dry and will help lower the chances of getting spider webs and scratches on your client's paint. Ceramic drying agents are just one advantage of ceramic quick detailers. They are off protection as a top coating and during the washing process. So you are getting ceramic protection in two different ways with the same ceramic quick detailer.

Can You Use a Ceramic Spray Detailer On A Car That Has Been Ceramic Coated?

That is a lot like asking if you can use jelly on a piece of bread that has been smeared with peanut butter. The two were made for each other - well not actually but, using a spray detailer as part of your washing regimen will keep your ceramic coating "Boosted" and shining like the day you had it applied. Best to choose a quick detail spray that contains the SiO2 like Color Crush, so it is enhancing the ceramic coat and ensuring compatibility. The SiO2 will stack on top of a ceramic coating adding to its hydrophobic capabilities and may add additional months of life to your ceramic paint protection.

Are True Ceramic Coatings Better Than Ceramic Quick Detailers?

This is much like asking if "Gold is better than rubber?" Once again. it depends on what you are trying to achieve. Each one has its place, Gold is far more expensive and has a much higher perception of value, however, it makes for a bad set of running shoes. Ok, that is a stupid analogy, but you get the idea. Quick detailers provide similar things as ceramic ' shine, protection, and resistance to dirt and pollutants, not to mention- very inexpensive. On the other hand, they do not last nearly as long as a true ceramic coating. Here is another thing to think about (controversial as it may sound) we are car guys and we love to polish, shine, improve and drive our cars. It is what brings us pleasure- and the idea of putting a shield on our beloved ride that says "hey I don't you anymore I'm covered" is sort of a bittersweet event. So if waxing and washing is your therapy - does it make sense to part with $800.00 to $1,200.00 bucks to protect your paint? When you can get other products to do the same thing for much cheaper and your codependent relationship can continue as it always has.

Oh and we can hear the ceramic guys right now, saying how ceramic stops scratches, dents, and provides better gas mileage. Although we have to tell you, we have tried and also blended just about every ceramic combination we know that exists and much of the hype you hear comes with its fair share of embellishment. Videos of Keys and sandpaper being run across the paint surface after a ceramic coat, with zero damage are just not fact. So if you like waxing and buffing, keep doing it. If you have a ceramic coating and still long to engage with your car, throw on some Color Crush ceramic detailer after each wash, you may not sweat as much, but you will still get a high level of satisfaction relative to your efforts and a durable shine that will last longer than most spray detailers.  Try some of our Color Crush, you won't be disappointed, and you are, well we will refund your order.

All Lithium car care products are only available direct from the manufacturer and cannot be purchased via a third party. 

The Best SiO2 Ceramic Quick Detailer is now stocked in Australia.

Safety Data Sheet

Click here to download the Lithium Auto Elixirs - Color Crush Safety Data Sheet

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