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The Ultimate Satin/Natural look tyre shine

by Lithium Auto on January 11, 2024

In the fast-paced world of automotive detailing, the quest for the perfect tyre shine has always been a tyreless pursuit (pun intended). Car enthusiasts, detailers, and everyday drivers alike seek a product that not only makes their tyres look brand new but also offers long-lasting protection against the elements. Enter Lithium Wheely Great – a revolutionary tyre shine that goes beyond the ordinary to provide a factory fresh look without the unwanted shine.

That factory fresh appearance

What sets Lithium Wheely Great apart from the competition is its unique formula that delivers a satin/natural appearance reminiscent of a factory fresh look. No more over-the-top shine that screams artificiality; instead, this tyre shine ensures your tyres look as good as new, showcasing a subtle yet transformative elegance.

Satin/Natural look tyre shine - Lithium Wheely Great

Non-Greasy finish

One of the biggest frustrations with traditional tyre shines is the greasy residue they often leave behind. Lithium Wheely Great solves this problem with its non-greasy formula. Now, you can enjoy the renewed beauty of your tyres without worrying about that sticky, unpleasant feeling that often accompanies other tyre care products.

Cleans, Conditions, and Protects in Seconds:

The beauty of Lithium Wheely Great lies in its simplicity and efficiency. In just seconds, this powerhouse product cleans away dirt and grime, conditions the rubber, and forms a protective shield against the elements. It can also be used to treat other rubber surfaces too, think door seals!

Satin/Natural look tyre shine - Lithium Wheely Great

Repels dust

One of the standout features of Lithium Wheely Great is its ability to repel dust. Traditional tyre shines often act as dust magnets, leaving your freshly cleaned tyres covered in a layer of grime shortly after application. With Lithium Wheely Great, enjoy the satisfaction of long-lasting cleanliness as it resists dust accumulation, keeping your tyres looking sharp for an extended period.

UV Protection - To stop your tyres turning brown

Tired of your tyres turning an unsightly brown when exposed to the sun? Lithium Wheely Great has got you covered. Its advanced formula not only enhances the appearance of your tyres but also provides protection against harmful UV rays, preventing that dreaded browning effect that can plague even the most well-maintained vehicles.

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