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Tesla Interior Cleaner - Hyper Cleanse by Lithium

by Lithium Auto on February 05, 2022

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Tesla Interior Cleaner

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Hyper Cleanse, by Lithium

Lithium Hyper Cleanse - Best Tesla White Seats Interior Cleaner

Keep your white Tesla seats clean and looking new

First of all, how amazing do those Tesla White Seats look! They are such a beautiful pure white and the contrast with the dark minimalist Tesla interior looks absolutely fantastic.

We have no doubt when specifying your new Tesla and seeing those beautiful white seats, you had many thoughts enter your mind. Thoughts such as “Those white Tesla seats look stunning, but how do I keep them clean?” “White seats, they look great, but how practical are they?”, “Can I really live with a White leather interior?” etc

So you love your Tesla and what to keep the white interior looking factory fresh and keeping it that way for years to come. So how do you clean this crisp white interior? Regular cleaning with Lithium Hyper Cleanse is the answer.

Regular cleaning to avoid ingrained dirt

Without regular cleaning, dirt, dust, fibres will eventually work their way into the white leather and become harder and harder to remove safely. There are so many ways you can transfer or introduce dirt into your interior without even realising, almost anywhere you do where you sit down, at work, at your favourite cafe or restaurant, riding a bike, even driving with your windows down can let dirt and dust enter your vehicle.

These tiny dirt particles on your clothes are gently worked into the leather when you're seated and driving around corners, over bumps without you even realising it. Then a month or two down the track you suddenly realise your white Tesla seats aren't quote looking as fresh as they once did. The longer you leave this or put this off, the worse your seats will look and need further time spent cleaning the leather back to its original glory.

This is why regular cleaning with Lithium Hyper Cleanse is essential to keep Tesla white interiors looking factory fresh for years.

Tesla Interior Cleaner

Hyper Cleanse was specially formulated as a leather cleaner that would get deep into the cracks and remove the nastiest of stains and grime without drying out the hides or leaving white stains or residue.

Why Hyper Cleanse?

  • No solvents, so will not dry out the leather
  • Designed for leather
  • Removes almost every type of stain
  • Will not leave any residue on the surface

How to clean Tesla white seats

Always work one section at a time. Spray directly onto the white Tesla seats and massage into the seats using a detailing brush/leather brush or microfibre cloth. Once worked in and while the product is still wet on the surface, wipe dry with a seperate clean microfibre cloth.

For really tough stains, allow Lithium Hyper Cleanse to remain on the surface for 10 - 15 seconds, then buff out with a hot, damp microfibre towel.

For leather, remember to finish the job with a good treatment of Lithium Hide Rehab to help moisturise and protect against U.V.

Hyper Cleanse is our

Best Tesla seat cleaner.


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