Trusted by pro detailers, yet so easy you can use at home

Best Car Plastic and Trim Restorer Australia

by Scott Downes on January 27, 2021
Best Car Plastic and Trim Restorer Australia

Stop your exterior plastics fading and ruining the appearance of your Car/SUV

- Restore your exterior plastics to look factory fresh

- Doesn't wash off after rain or the first wash

- Protects against UV

- Leaves an as new, not shiny finish

- Did we mention a little goes a long way too?

Would you like to hear what some of our customers have said after using Lithium Trim Serum?

Bernie Dale

What a superb product and customer service. After many years trying many different products on rubber and trim and being shocked at how bad most are, I decided to try Lithium Trim Serum. And what a wonderful surprise it turned out to be. So easy to use and so very economical. Outstanding product on every front.


The best plastic detailer out there!

Easy to apply, makes every plastic surface you apply it to look like new. Brand new. AND it lasts longer than any other product I have used. Even after a rainstorm, what you detailed is still detailed. And in some amazingly magical way, dust or pollen doesn’t stick to your detailed surface. Yes, it’s a little more $$ than Armor All but it lasts longer and you don’t need to use as much to achieve the look you want.

Thomas Ernst

Great Stuff! Tried numerous other products. NONE matched the restorative results of Lithium.


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