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Best 4x4 Guard Fender Flare Restorer Lithium Trim Serum

by Lithium Auto on September 22, 2020
Best 4x4 Guard Flare Restorer - Lithium Trim Serum

How to keep your 4x4 fender/guard flares looking like new

The good news is its not hard work.

If you own a Ford Ranger, Ford Raptor, Holden Colorado, Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton etc chances are you may have wanted to give it that tough truck look and added some fender flares to it. These look great and give a nice wide arch to fit some wheels/tyres under, however after a few months exposure to the harsh Australian sun they start to fade and the UV damages the finish. The finish of the flares can then look grey, dull, streaky and really doesn’t do justice to the rest of your ute.

How do I keep my 4x4 guard flares looking new?

First off, regular washing is always good practice, this will stop mould and other contaminants building up in the textured surface of the flares.

Give your flares a thorough wash with with your regular car wash to ensure all dirt has been removed, then dry them off. Once you are satisfied all the dirt has been removed and they are nice and dry you are ready to apply the Trim Serum.

Applying Lithium Trim Serum

A little goes a long way, so there is no need to over apply or saturate the applicator.

Pour a small amount of Lithium Trim Serum onto a clean foam applicator (or microfibre towel). Massage the Trim Serum into the surface of the flares in a circular motion or crosshatch pattern to ensure even coverage. Using another clean microfibre cloth, wipe the surface dry.

For surfaces that are really weathered, allow the Trim Serum to remain for several minutes before wiping dry.

Why does Trim Serum work so well?

The reason Trim Serum works so well on fender flares and plastics is that it is a highly concentrated formula that penetrates deep into the pores of the polymers, instantly transforming weathered and oxidised plastic and restoring to a factory fresh finish.

How long will Trim Serum keep my fender flares looking fresh?

No trim restorer will last for forever, or even years. Lithium Trim Serum trim protectant and restorer will make plastics look new again and will reasonably last for several months. If you apply Trim Serum every few months, the surface will remain healthy and as well protected as possible from UV rays.

What else can I use Trim Serum on?

Snorkels, side steps, tray liners, tonneau covers etc, basically any external surface of your ute that is made of a similar polymer material that is exposed to the elements and harsh UV rays.


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